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CARMACHAIN, CV Labs and CV VC: Introduction

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our new partner and investor CV VC. 

CARMACHAIN has been selected as one of the four African startups to join CV Labs incubator, CV VC

What is CV VC? CV VC is a Swiss-based incubation investment focused exclusively on the best global early-stage startups that develop products and services based on blockchain technology. CV VC invests and offers further benefits from CV Labs ecosystem businesses, which provide advisory, co-working spaces, and event services. CARMACHAIN leverages blockchain technology for metadata recording; this provides the ultimate validity of metadata for data contributors to know precisely what data was provided and to whom.

We aim to democratize access to credit in Nigeria and the developing world. We do this by connecting data from contributors like payment platforms, mobile money, and utility companies (water & power) to lenders and giving them access to the data that they need to make informed lending decisions.

Many lenders in Africa do not have sufficient or comprehensive credit data to offer customized financing for the unbanked. This of course is a promising opportunity for lenders and fintech companies to share customer data and information to help develop innovative financial services that reach consumers everywhere.

Access to alternative credit data is of significant benefit to lenders alike. A consumer’s digital footprint and payment history offer a more comprehensive view of their socio-economic activities thereby enabling lenders to significantly increase acceptance/approval rates for thin-file and first-time borrowers. 

CARMACHAIN is the world’s first P2P alternative credit data marketplace and we provide a decentralized protocol of data exchange through our API. We are excited about the opportunity to build high tech products and services using blockchain through this new relationship with CV VC. CV VC wants to champion the next generation of blockchain startups by investing in crypto and blockchain companies in their early stages by means of our incubation program and through direct investments.